Paul started playing piano at a very early age and quickly mastered the works of Beethoven, Wagner and Manilow.  As Paul's skills and reputation as a hard rocking keys/synth player  progressed, he became a much in-demand player in the NY/NJ area.  Paul has been influenced by all of the greats...Rick Wakeman, Elton John, Gregg Allman to name a few.

Gigi is the very heart and soul of TREBLE.  As a founding member of the band, she brings her love for music and her talents to the group without inhibition.  A self-described "late bloomer," raising a family and driving her career didn't allow her to fully focus on music until a few short years ago.    Inspired by big and gritty vocals like those of Etta James

and Tina Turner, Gigi is  known to belt out a tune with ferocious power.  She's a true rock and roller that tackles a Zeppelin tune with fervor and gets a bit itchy when the tempo slows down.  

Steve is a founding member of TREBLE

and is the “chord” that weaves together

the fabric of the band. Whether it’s synchronizing rhythm with the bass and drums, singing leads or harmonies or a blistering guitar lead, he modulates the group and injects his magic into the sound.  Steve was in assorted bands in school and jammed with many neighbors over the years while working and raising kids.  At a young age, his love for rock began when his older brother brought home the epic record, “Who’s Next”.  The connection was immediate and visceral. He is partial to hard rock but many musicians and genres have and continue to provide inspiration.

A fan of diverse musical artists, Gabrielle’s soulful voice and background harmonies resonate with all who hear her sing. From performing in garage bands and clubs to concert halls, the love of music has always played a vital role in her life. With family roots deep in the rock n roll industry, her passionate performing style is a crowd pleaser at all TREBLE shows!



As a founding member of TREBLE, Jerry lays down the bass that drives the incredible rhythm section of the band.  After spending many years in numerous cover bands in Southern California and the New York City area, Jerry co- founded the band TREBLE.  In addition to bass and vocals, he manages the business side of the band including logistics, marketing, bookings, talent, musical direction and finances of TREBLE.  Jerry has been influenced by all of the great players he has played music with over the years as well as Paul McCartney, Jamareo Artis, Carol Kaye, John Deacon and Este Haim. 




Vocals, Percussion


     Guitar, Vocals.


Bass, Vocals


Guitar, Vocals




​Lead Vocals

​​Will’s passion for music began at six years old when he began playing violin and eventually moved to guitar.  Will has enjoyed playing lead and rhythm guitar with various local bands since his high school days in and around NY/NJ.  Major guitar influences include Mike Bloomfield (Paul Butterfield Blues Band), Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Dickie Betts and Jeff Beck.

Bob has been playing drums in numerous  cover bands since he was a wee lad of 12.  Influenced by all the great rock and jazz drummers, Bob's style is a fusion of rock, metal, pop, jazz and math drumming.

It all started when a few of us from the same suburban “hood” discovered our shared passion for music.  We decided to pool our individual talents and experiences…and make something together.  It was that simple.

TREBLE has performed in just about every type of venue available, from intimate private parties, vacation resorts, municipal band shells to capacity filled clubs. The band's high energy, note perfect shows have rewarded them with return engagement requests from every venue they have played.

With incredible female and male lead vocals and hard charging rhythm section, the band leaves no stone unturned when it comes to styles.  With influences such as early blues artists,
R&B greats, mega rock acts and all the way to the monster hits of today...TREBLE covers it all.   
The band maintains an active show schedule playing at venues in NYC, north and central
New Jersey, Jersey shore, the Hudson Valley, private parties and benefits.   The large, loyal and passionate following that the band has curated and developed, makes Treble the go-to band for all venues and occasions.